OMO Grand Re-opening June 15!

How the OMO experience has changed

We always strive to go above and beyond with all we do, and this current situation isn’t any different. We are going above and beyond the government’s guidelines to make sure that OMO is a safe and entertaining environment for our guests, staff, and their families. 

Limited seating

OMO is limited to a maximum of 50% capacity when we re-open.  We must also consider distances and exposure between seated guests and guest walkways.  Guests will not be seated where seats are too close to walkways, as well we will close off over half of our regular dining tables to provide walkways and safe distances between seated guests.

Social Distancing

Our staff will be aware of and monitor our guests to ensure social distancing. Not only between the guest and staff, but we will ensure that guests are respectful of social distancing between each group.

Protective barriers

OMO is proud to have created an engaging and fun dining experience with our large teppanyaki tables and communal seating arrangement.  Every effort will be made to maintain the experience we are known for by installing plexiglass barriers in several areas:

  1. Host stand
  2. Barriers between seats and walkways where the seats are nearby walkways
  3. Portable barriers between parties on the same teppanyaki table
  4. Permanent barriers between tables where tables are nearby

We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of these barriers and add or adjust as necessary to maximize the safety of our guests and staff.

Dishes and utensils

We will be limiting the number of dishes to be washed by switching to one-use dishes and utensils, and for the reusable dishes, we will be soaking them in disinfecting soap water for a period of time before the start of the normal dish cleaning process.

Despite the sanitary aspects of this change, there will be an additional cost in purchasing these containers, extra labour, and a lot of excess waste.  This is the compromise that we will work with for the time being.  We will continue to reassess the situation and make adjustments that will be most suitable at the time.

Minimizing touch points


OMO has implemented an electronic menu for all guests to view on their own device.  We will be providing QR codes and website adresses around the restaurant for our guests to bring up our menu online easily. 

Sauce containers

One-use soy sauce packages will be used in place of soy sauce containers.


We have installed hands-free soap dispensers as well as hands-free faucets. Washroom checks will be made frequently with sanitization of contact surfaces.

Hand Sanitizer

There will be hand sanitizer dispensers available at the entrance of the restauarant and accessible at each staff work station to be used frequently.

Other considerations

OMO has implemented the following additional safety procedures to maximize the safety of our guests, staff, and family:

  • All staff will wear face masks
  • All staff will be temperature checked daily
  • All guests will be temperature checked upon arrival

Limited hours

OMO will be reopening on June 15 for dinner service from 5 pm-9 pm – 6 days a week, Wednesday through Monday.

We will constantly be adjusting our operations, hours and offerings to ensure the OMO experience continues to be of the high standard everyone has come to expect.

Reservations Please!

We recommend everyone to reserve ahead of time so we can prepare your table for you and minimize your wait time.

Click here to make a reservation.

We are truly grateful to our amazing loyal OMO guests.  Your support means the world to us.  We look forward to reopening and to provide the ultimate fun dining experience that OMO is famous for. 

Take care, stay safe, and we look forward to serving you soon!