Announcing our Newest Partnership with Mealshare!

Mealshare has served 2,146,957 meals up to date. We are proud to be one of MealShare’s newest partners, adding to this number and raising awareness around food sustainability.

How Mealshare works, is that for every menu item ordered indicated with a Mealshare logo, a simple, healthy meal will be provided to a youth in need. The items on our menu that support Mealshare are the delicious 4 oz wagyu striploin, and the tropical mango sushi roll, including tempura shrimp, fresh mango and salmon topped with mango sauce.

The reason Mealshare exists, and our reason for supporting is the shared belief that one in four children shouldn’t be malnourished.

“Our world produces enough food to feed every single person- the issue is with the allocation of that food.”

Our team is dedicated to not only adding menu items to support Mealshare, but creating experiences. On Monday, August 13 and Monday, August 27th we hosted a Buddha Bottle Paint Night with half of the ticket proceeds going towards benefiting Mealshare.

To learn more about Mealshare please visit: and to see our menu visit: