All Kobe Beef are Wagyu but not all Wagyu are Kobe

All Kobe Beef are Wagyu but not all Wagyu are Kobe

Do you know the difference between Kobe Beef and Wagyu?

The word Wagyu or 和牛 means “Japanese(Wa,和) Cattle(Gyu,牛),” So “Wagyu” Refers to any cattle bred in Japan. Currently in Japan, Beef from only 4 kind of cattle Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Shorthorn, and Japanese Polled are categorized under the terms of Wagyu Beef. The government of Japan strictly refers Wagyu beef to be from cattle that is 100% pure strains of the 4 Japanese cows. However, currently the term “wagyu” is used around the world by meat producer who cross bread Japanese Cattle and other types of cattle. At OMO we only serve 100% Japanese Wagyu which is imported from Japan.

The main characteristic of Wagyu is its high marbling and low melting point fat which helps to give the tender and melting sensation when put into mouth. In addition to the healthy fatty acid, the Wagyu Beef has a unique delicious aroma.

Out of all Wagyu Beef, guided by a very strict set of rules, certain number of Wagyu from Japanese Black Cow will be certified as the world renown “Kobe Beef.” Among all wagyu in Japan the most highly regarded are “Kobe Beef, Matsuzaka Beef, and Ohmi Beef” also called the top three wagyu. Every year only 3000 cattle will be certified to become Kobe Beef and the export of Kobe Beef only started 2012. In order to be able to import Kobe Beef the restaurant has to be approved by the Kobe beef association in Japan. Therefore Kobe Beef can be refer to as the premium wagyu, like Lexus to Toyota.

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Fun Fact: OMO Teppan and Kitchen is the only certified KOBE Beef restaurant in Alberta and one of four certified restaurants in Canada!

The demand of Kobe Beef increasing all over the world and Domestically due to the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games at 2020.

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