OMO Teppan & Kitchen

OMO started with the idea of treating customers with respect and sincerity while providing an interesting and memorable world-class culinary experience. That's why our team is committed to serving with OMO's core values:

Means Japanese Hospitality. “Omote” means public face (an image you wish to present to outsiders). “Nashi” means without. Combining them means every service is from the bottom of the heart – honest, no hiding, no pretending.

Means Interesting. Everyone should have an interesting experience at OMO.

Means Memorable. We want everyone to remember their amazing experience at OMO.

Wagyu Beef

OMO's specialty is Wagyu. Our chefs grill the world's finest Japanese Wagyu beef on unique Teppanyaki tables with flair and excitement.

The main characteristic of Wagyu is its high marbling and low melting point for its fat, which helps to give its uniquely delicious aroma and tender melting sensation in your mouth. Also, Wagyu is full of heatlthy fatty acids, which is known to be good for the heart.

OMO is proud to be Calgary's only Wagyu specialty steakhouse that serves both top quality purepred Japanese Wagyu and crossbred Alberta Wagyu.